Financial Executives Alumni Conference

2015 FEAC Cancelled

To all that have registered for this year’s FEAC conference or have attended in the past:

Unfortunately registration numbers for this year’s conference stand at less than 30 and are significantly lower than all of the previous years that we have held the conference.  While we initially attempted to get approval from the university to host this year’s conference on either the Texas or USC week, we were unable to do so  due to tight ticket and facility allocations, and despite another strong series of panels, we were unable to get registration anywhere near the levels necessary to host a rewarding conference.

We appreciate the support that many of the attendees and participants have provided over the years, and to the extent that there is demonstrable upfront demand for the conference, we will endeavor to pick it up again.  If not, we have enjoyed learning from the panelists, the content and meeting so many talented alumni from various walks of life.

These events take a lot of work to pull together, but ultimately it is up to the alumni to decide if it is worth their time and energy to attend.   If that is the case we need to hear from you and see it in the form of registration.

If you have already registered your conference fee will be refunded.  We will send football tickets to those who ordered them.  Please let us know if you would like them mailed other than to the address you provided at registration.

Thanks and here’s to a year of potential (really) for the Irish football team.