Inequality, Trust and Ethics Conference: London 2015

Insights from Economics and Behavioural Ethics

Hosted by Ann Tenbrunsel and Ed Conlon at the University of Notre Dame and Celia Moore, Madan Pillutla and Niro Sivanathan at London Business School, the conference was held May 1-3, 2015 at the University of Notre Dame’s global gateway at Trafalgar Square in London, UK (Notre Dame London Global Gateway).

The conference  encouraged dialogue on inequality, trust and ethics from a behavioral perspective with particular attention given to the intersection of these topics. 




A list of speakers and the title of their presentations (with links to their bios and abstracts) are found below.

Speaker University Affiliation Title
Shahar Ayal Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya  (IDC) "Strategic altruism: Cheating in monetary donations to social organizations"
Carolin Baur Jacobs University Bremen  "Putting the suspicious mindset into context: A conceptual and empirical investigation of cues of untrustworthiness, victim sensitivity, and unethical behavior in organizations"
Lucius Caviola University of Oxford "The evaluability bias in charitable giving: Saving administration costs or saving lives?"
Edward Conlon
Emily Block
University of Notre Dame “Institutional logics and individual ethical judgment”
Stéphane Côté University of Toronto “Economic Inequality leads higher income Individuals to be less generous”
Sreedhari Desai University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
(Kenan Flagler Business School)
“Organizational income inequality and precarious employee relations: The role of social distance”
Sabrina Deutsch Salamon York University "Vulnerability as Strength: A Signaling Model of Trusting"
Thomas Goda Universidad EAFIT "The impact of absolute inequality on pecuniary and violent crime rates"
Tom Gordon-Hecker Ben-Gurion University of the Negev "When less is better than more: Preferring equity over efficiency in allocation decisions"
Genevieve Helleringer Oxford University /Essec Business School "The investor's dilemma"
Peter Holmes Deloitte Touche - UK London “Ethics from a practical business perspective: The view from the front line and sometimes the trenches”
Markus Knell Oesterreichische Nationalbank “Biased perceptions of inequality and trust. theoretical analysis and empirical results”
Michael Kosfeld Goethe University, Frankfurt "I (Don't) Like You! But Who Cares? Cooperation and Coordination in Same-Sex and Mixed-Sex Teams"
Maryam Kouchaki Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management "Expressive effects of ethics codes"
Emma Levine University of Pennsylvania "Lie to others as you would have others lie unto you: Community standards of deception"

Greg Northcraft
Kevin Rockmann

University of Illinois
George Mason University

"I already gave at the office": Inequality and the ethics of free-riding in portfolios of social dilemmas"
Barak Richman Duke University "The mechanics of statelessness: Peering into the diamond industry and the institutions of trust-based exchange"
Samuel Staebler University of Cologne "Unethical Corporate Behaviour and Customer Brand Perception – A Cross-Cultural Study"
Oded Stark Universities of Bonn, Navarra, and Warsaw;
Georgetown University
“A bitter choice turned sweet: How acknowledging individuals’ concern at having a low relative income serves to align utilitarianism and egalitarianism”
Avishalom Tor University of Notre Dame “N-equality: More people, less equality”
Ori Weisel University of Nottingham "Corrupt collaboration"

Conference Participants

Conference Participants


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